H E L L O !

My name is Hilary, I’m a 26 year old Pharmacist from Costa Rica with a deep passion for travelling and photography. I've traveled to over 34 countries and knocked some big adventures off my bucket list, I am endlessly curious for exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures. In pursuit of professional and personal growth, two years ago I moved to Barcelona a city that will forever have a part of my heart.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find some inspiration to pack your bags and explore the world.


Any person who travels the world has someone at home waiting to hear about their experiences and adventures. They want to know everything about their trips, what places they visited, what food they ate and what new people did they meet.

In all of our trips, it was the same for us, and we would always tell each other “I cant wait to tell you when I get home” - and that’s where our name came from.

But just like in our lives, were we do nearly everything together, we wanted the name of our blog to express the same unity, and the phrase when I get home changed to when we get home.

So, when we get home for our trips, we hope to show you the places we visited and encourage you to begin your own journey to whatever roads lay ahead.