Full Moon Party - Thailand

You know all these legendary parties around the world like Burning Man in Nevada, Oktoberfest in Germany, Holi in India and many others in Thailand you can experience the Full Moon Party. If you haven’t heard of this party before, keep reading and – BOOK your tickets NOW, not only because it is in Thailand and you need to visit this paradise at least once in your lifetime if you haven’t come, but also because it really is such a amaziiiing party. 

So here I’m going to tell you my experience and some things that I wish I knew before, so keep reading if you’re planning to go soon or would love to go one day. 

I arrived from Kuala Lumpur to Koh Samui with my friend Ari, and I stayed in the island for 3 nights. Because I didn’t found any space in Koh Pha Ngan island (of course it was all booked from months before – so plan this ahead) but I’m also glad I stayed in another island because you can have a recovery day at the beach with peace the day after.  (like the pictures below at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui) 


From Koh Samui to Koh Pha Ngan

Don’t book anything online before your arrival unless you really find so amazing deal, like in most places in Thailand you can find good deals for tours and activities just walking around the town and bargain a little bit. 

I found one with included: hotel pick up and drop the next morning, fast boat to Koh Phanghan roundtrip and even with the party entrance. (Just keep in mind is a partyyyy and a lot of people use this kind of packs, so be calm and just enjoy the whole vibe of the event – it will be most likely some waiting lines, so keep that in mind) 

So, what is the Full Moon Party? 

The first one was celebrated in 1985 and the history comes from a group of travelers around 20- 30 had a party along the crescent-shaped beach of Haad Rin to celebrate the full moon night. From then on, people come from all over the world every month during Full Moon and the Haad Rin beach fills with 10 000 – 30 000.

Next Dates

Sunday 26 August 2018 

Monday 24 September 2018 

Thursday 25 October 2018 

Thursday 22 November 2018

Saturday 22 December 2018

You can check 2019 dates here

                                                             neon neon neon !!!!!!

                                                             neon neon neon !!!!!!

                  My travel companion in my asia trip and beautiful friend ari 

                  My travel companion in my asia trip and beautiful friend ari 


NEON as far as the eye could see and get ready to dance all night longggg!!

Each bar has its own sound system, so you’ll hear different music loudly blasting onto the beach every few feet. The beach itself is lined with people selling alcohol, fire dancers putting on shows, and little booths selling glow-in-the-dark face paint.

This party is infamous for the buckets drinks they cost around 200BHAT which is approx. $6 USD but have in mind to save some money that you can buy also your drinks at the 7-Eleven – it will be open don’t worry during the entire party. 


Like any party it can end in disaster so here is some tips so you can have the best experience. 

So, party — but party smart.


  • Plan ahead your place to stay!! – usually everything its booked weeks before. 
  • Take some money, and put it in separate pockets – 3000 baht is enough to cover most eventualities. Do not take cards. 
  • Take a copy of your ID, not the original and leave your valuables in the resort safe. TAKE CARE OF YOUR VALUABLES. 
  • Don’t take any bags, as after a few buckets are easily forgotten. 
  • Wear shoes – bottles sometimes break on the beach. 
  • Bathrooms are open and charge around 20 baht (about $ 0.60 USD) no toilet paper, so carry some kleenex. 
  • Drugs are illegal in Thailand – you can get arrested be aware. 
  • Don’t litter!!! And definitely don’t throw anything into the ocean – let’s keep our earth clean. 



Have your ever been to the Full Moon Party or another epic beach party?

Let me know your experience in the comments!