Minas del Aguacate


Minas is a perfect day trip to do with family or friends. You can freshen up on a sunny day at the well-known watering holes of Union River or even go on a quick exploration of the mines themselves that were initially discovered during the gold rush of 1821. The tunnel of the mine is 7 kilometers long but you can only walk a few meters inwards.

The mines are located in Desmonte of San Mateo of Alajuela, around 20 minutes from Atenas. Any vehicle can get there and although the road isn’t perfect it isn’t in that bad of shape. You know you have arrived once you cross a single lane bridge and reach on the right hand side a large red metal gate (look at the picture below). On the gate, in spray paint, is written that the entrance is 1000 colones. However, because we got there so early, there was no one there and we decided to walk around the gate and onwards to the pools.

When we left there wasn’t anyone else either so we assume that you generally don’t have to pay the entrance fee if you get there early enough. We definitely recommend getting there as early as possible, around 7 am, so you can have a few hours to yourselves. That being said people do start showing up around 9:30-10:00 am.

The place where you have to leave your car is fairly alone so don’t leave any objects of value visible inside the car.

It is very important to bring insect repellant and sun block. The hike to the watering holes is very simply and anyone could walk it in about 5 minutes. 

How to get here? Waze


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