Marbella - San Juanillo & Nosara

If the experience of Costa Rica is what you are looking for, then this area is worth the visit – especailly since the west coast of Costa Rica is home to the most beautiful beaches in the country. What better than spending your days in a hammock and sipping cocktails than on the beaches in central Guanacaste?

Since this area isn’t particular exploited by tourism, it would be ideal to take a car that is high off the ground and that has 4 wheel drive – even more so during the rainy season due to the non paved roads! The nearest airport is located near Nosara, which has flights that come in from San Jose daily. 


Marbella beach is one of the best surf breaks in the area, offering various world class waves. The places to surf depend on the tides, but that’s the best part – all the surf spots are only a few 100 meters away from each other.

 The north side of the beach is best for low tide (although I have seen it break and hold decent waves on high tide), offering a hollow beach break that can pack some punch on overhead days. If wind direction is good, it tends to open up and barrel and offer dreamy a-frames.  As for high tide, check out the center of the beach. A few lefts tend to break about a 100 meters out from the shore across a non-shallow reef. If you’re camping, this place is a paradise for surfing. You can surf literally all day long. The only thing that will keep you out of the water is hunger, thirst or tiredness. 

Once youre done surfing you can head on over for a quick fresh-water shower to wash off that salt water at the Tiki-Hut restaurant. If you don’t know where it is, don’t worry – it’s the only restaurant on the beach so you cant miss it.

Unlike some of the other beaches in the area, Marbella has a exceptional sensation of tranquility combined with the essence of nature. It is an absolutely perfect place to camp comfortably on the beach. It does however only have a few restaurants and hotels to stay in nearby.

Its located 17 Km away from Tamarindo and only 8 Km away from Playa San Juanillo, our next stop. 

S A N   J U A N I L L O

Is a white sand, turquoise colored water paradise that few people know about. The moment you drive down to the beach you are immediately captivated by its beauty. Plus its also a great place for snorkeling. This fishing community is formed by 3 beaches that join together. One of the positive sides of this area is that it has never been developed, and probably never will be, since it is run by the local fisherman of Santa Cruz who want to keep it isolated and authentic.

Afterwards we can head on over to Nosara, passing Playa Ostional (another great surf location) driving 20 Km through dusty and very bumpy dirt roads.


This area has been protected by the national parks system for years. This is mainly because the beaches and estuaries of the Nosara river form part of the Ostional Wildlife Reserve, and due to the efforts of the local community to keep everything as biologically intact as possible. Local restrictions permit only small developments and the population try very hard to harmonize construction development with the protection of nature.

Famous for the Yoga and surfing, the Nosara area has 3 principle beaches known as Nosara, Guiones and Pelada. Guiones is principle one due to its excellent waves for surfing. This beach break has a fairly long paddle out so be prepared for some paddling. The crowds aren’t that bad since the beach is so big and the area of waves is huge.

This area has a large variety of delicious and original restaurants, do not miss a chance to gorge out to your hearts content. 

The most beautiful hotels in this area are: L´acqua Viva Resort&Spa | Harmony H­otel | Hotel Azul Ocean Club |Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort


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