Liebster Award

Hello everyone! We are so happy to announce that When We Get Home was nominated for a Liebster Award! But before we go any further we want to take the time to thank Helen from Helen the Bristolian Backpacker  for the nomination. Be sure to check out her great blog!

So, the Liebster Award is a nomination passed on between new and upcoming bloggers. The purpose of this is to give some recognition for all the hard and creative work that we do. Its also a great way to help readers find helpful guides and travelling stories and a great way to connect with other bloggers as well. 

Once nominated for the Liebster Award, the nominated blogger answers 11 questions received from the nominating blogger. Then he/she searches for other new blogs, nominates their favorites for the award and gives them 11 other questions to answer. 


1. Why did you decide to write your travel blog?

Travelling, photography and writing are amongst our greatest passions, so one day on our four year anniversary dinner, we decided to make life more interesting and take a chance on doing what we love by creating our blog.

We wanted to find a new way to connect intimately between ourselves, express our feelings, thoughts and desires and motivate others to pursue their own dreams and passions.

2. Which place is at the top of your bucket list. Why?

Hilary’s top of her bucket list is Australia. Dylan’s top of his bucket list is a two way tie between New Zealand and Fiji. And together the top of our bucket list would definitely be Bora Bora. The reason why is that each of these locations combine all the aspects that we love most. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscapes and countless amazing things to do and experience.

3. What’s your favourite type of transport while travelling? Plane, boat, coach, hitch-hiking?

On long distances planes, definitely. On short distances, let’s say beach to beach, nothing beats boat rides.

4. What’s the most adventurous things you’ve done while travelling?

Dylan can remember two significant moments. The first is taking a canoe out 2:00 am on New Years Day through a series of mangroves in the pitch black darkness. It was so dark that he remembers seeing blue bioluminescent plankton all around him. One of the most beautiful moments of his life. The second is surfing 15 foot waves in Matapalo, Costa Rica with his father.

5. Do you prefer to travel on your own or with somebody?

If the circumstances permit it we always prefer to travel together. But were not afraid of travelling by ourselves. Each have their own benefits.

6. Where is your favorite place you’ve visited?

For Hilary its Japan. As for Dylan, for the time being its Paris, but he is heading to Iceland in August and thinks that it might take the top spot!

7. Do you prefer planning or just going with the flow on a trip?

Going with the flow. Planning tends to restrict the freedom of a trip. Obviously there are some things that need to be planned but in the end we always prefer to wing it.

8. Hostels or hotels?

Hotels (screamed Hilary).

9. Who is the most interesting person you’ve met while travelling?

We don’t have one person, but many. Groups of people to be honest. Our travels have brought us closer to people around the world who we still keep close contact today.

10. What’s the longest time you’ve ever been away from home?

2 months (both of us).

11. What have you learnt from travelling?

We both feel that travelling is one of lifes greatest teachers. For us, it allowed us to see that the world is a far bigger place than we could have ever imagined and that all cultures are special and should be equally. 

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Questions for our nominees:

What do you miss most about home while you are travelling?

If you could plan a dream vacation where would you go?

Is there a story behind the name of your blog?

Which is your favorite music or artist to listen while travelling?

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen while traveling?

What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you abroad?

What is the best thing you have ever eaten anywhere on the planet?

What are some useful skills and tips that you have developed abroad?

What is the one thing you cannot travel without (passports don’t count, cheaters)?

What is the funniest experience you’ve had while traveling?

If you could give any advice to people going on their first trip, what would it be?


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